How to Choose the Right Fire Pit

Fire pits are certainly great and useful for the winter season. At the other times of year, people can still gather around one to share time together outdoors.
If you’re looking to purchase a fire pit we put together this quick guide that can help you pick a fire put that will be the perfect fit.

#1 Set your budget properly.
A great fire pit is an investment in your outdoor space. They come in various styles and sizes, so the different in price and shipping cost.
Do you need a fire pit for the winter months, or do you want one as a backyard centerpiece? Once you figure out what you’re buying it for, the easier it will be to choose the perfect fit.

#2 What type fits your outdoor space.
There are three main types: wood-burning, gas-burning, and gel fuel-burning.

Wood-burning pits
The wood-burning fire pit requires manual ash and debris cleaning, needs wood stock for fuel, and is ideal for cooking and camping. People often choose this one for the winter months since wood burns a lot more than other fuels.

There are easy-to-assemble fire pit kits you can look up online, although you could benefit a lot more from set pieces. A set piece is usually seaters plus a fire pit – a very good investment. Some set pieces also offer portable fire pits.
For example, the Folsom Outdoor 4-Seater Chat Set comes with a wood burning fire pit that’s perfect for the outdoors. The fire pit is reinforced with iron, fiberglass, and cement. The chairs are intricately woven and durable. In this setup, it’s not hard to imagine sitting by it, getting warmed on a chilly evening.

If you’re going for the rustic style, then choose a wood-burning fire pit.

Gas-burning pits
Better known as propane fire pits, these are designed for cooking in convenience, which means most of them are portable.

These pits don’t produce embers and ash, ranking them a better fit if you are concerned for safety. People with respiratory issues may prefer this over wood-burning pits, since they can still provide the same amount of heat without burning wood. Your gas-burning pit can be fueled by propane tanks, or you can opt for natural gas which requires a gas line-hookup.

If you have an active outdoor lifestyle you might want to choose propane. You can pair that fire pit with something like the Wicker Chat Set and build an entire outdoor experience.

Gel-fuel burning pits
This vent-free type uses alcohol-based fuel, which means it may not provide much heat as the other two. However, it still is a beautiful option that can be easily moved around.
There are two more sub-types of a fuel-burning fire pit: indoor standing and outdoor. Indoor standing fire pits do not require mounting of any sort and are mostly set up on solid flooring. Outdoor, on the other hand, offers more varied styles and construction.
The advantage to gel-fuel burning is that you can still use it on either wood-burning or propane-burning pits.

If you want to a choose gel-fuel burning pit you might like one like the Marcel Outdoor Bowl-Shaped Fire Pit. The shape and size can add to your outdoor aesthetic without committing to the space the other options require.

#3 Choose pits with high-quality construction.
Steel-constructed pits are better than other materials since they last longer and can endure for long without deterioration. Remember that you’re dealing with fire, so it’s better if the construction can withstand long-term use.

#4 Make sure the fire pit is adequately sized for your needs.
Size and style vary from one pit to another. Nothing is more awkward than a giant fire pit in a tiny space.  You might even want to think about the weight of the fire pit if it is in a space that you are going to need to move it frequently.

#5 Learn about wood-burning laws, local ordinances, and safety practices.
There are certain code requirements you may need to follow to set up a fire pit, so check with your local requirements before purchasing your new fire pit. Most states typically prohibit fire pits near low branches, fire zones or windy areas.  Also, if you live close to your neighbors you might want to pick a propane option because it has less smoke and the fire can be turned off quickly.

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