How to Pick the Right Art Work for Your Home

Building your home can get stressful and overwhelming—especially when it comes to the smaller details, like picking the right color, decorations, and pieces for your home. To help you with that, we listed ten (10) quick and easy tips that can help you in picking the right art for your home.

1. Use the power of color. It is is important that you consider the ambiance and atmosphere that you want to achieve when choosing the colors for your home. For example, light colors tend to give a calming and relaxing feel, so these colors can be chosen for a bedroom. However, bolder colors can make a room feel exciting and energizing, making them a good choice for a living room. Color coordination in interior design can also make a huge difference to the overall look and atmosphere of your home, so make sure that the colors you choose for all your furniture pieces complement one another.

2. Compare and get the best prices. It’s always important to make sure that you get the bang for your buck, so when looking for furniture pieces, search for different styles in different stores, compare them from one another, and then choose the perfect one for your home, at the best price there is in the market.

3. Learn the purpose behind the art. Learning the purpose behind the art makes you better understand why it was created, and makes you understand its meaning. We all want an artwork that says something, don’t we?

4. Follow your heart’s desires. Not buying that piece, not choosing that color, or not installing that frame in that room can be one of your biggest regrets later on. If you truly desire to style your home in a certain way, go ahead and do so to prevent regretting your decisions later on. Remember, your home is built for you to be comfortable in, so make sure that it’s as you as it can be. It is your home after all.

5. Pick the right size. Choosing the wrong size of furniture pieces can easily break a room’s proportions and comfortability. Remember to maximize the limited space in your home by choosing the right size of pieces to complement every other piece in the house.

6. Aim for a certain motif. You can also aim for a certain motif to make sure that all the artworks you buy complement one another. This helps you ensure that no artwork will go to waste just because it didn’t blend well into your home.

7. Get to know the artist. It’s important to get to know the artist behind the artwork to understand the context of the piece itself, and the context around it. Who knows, you might find an artist you can really relate to, then you can support them by buying their art!

8. Commission an art piece. When you commission an art piece, you end up having the exact piece that you have in mind. Just remember to clearly state your expectations before the work begins so that you do not end up disappointed.

9. Haggle with care. When bargaining over the cost of an artwork, be careful not to set it at a really low price. The artist might get offended if you do so. Instead, find a balance between you and the artist, and remember to be considerate of the artist’s hard work too.

10. Find the ideal placement. After you’ve bought the perfect artwork for your home, you should now find the ideal placement for it. Make sure that you place it somewhere it will blend well into the other elements of the room.

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